You make it so simple. Our yards were ordered, erected and ready to use in record time. Easy to use, top notch quality and practical to the end. A trusted supplier to us commercially as well, delivering great hassle free satisfaction to our valued customers. Thanks, guys!
Meagan Quattromani
Thank you to Andrew and his team for an awesome solution to our crush issues. The crush is now working really well and we are very happy with the result. I loved how there was no messing around like so many companies seem to do these days. You just acknowledged the problem and fixed it. Thank you.
Andrew Williamson
I recently purchased a farm and inherited an old dangerous stockyard. I reviewed a number of yard manufacturers and was disappointed at their lack of help in the design, quality and costs. I recently came across a 4 Rivers Stock Yard setup at a field day. Not only was I impressed with the design, quality and cost, the sales rep was truly interested in my needs and helped in the final design that suited my requirements. After confirming my order, I was regularly updated with delivery dates and even contacted by the delivery men when they would be arriving on site. The erection team were not only polite they were very efficient and took the time to tell me how to work the system safely and effectively. The most satisfaction was the cost which included the erection being thousands of dollars better than the other manufactures. I would strongly recommend the 4 Rivers system to everyone looking to purchase a high quality affordable yard.
Peter Poulos
Everything is well thought out, well built, and easy to use. TJ was great to work with and the price was more than fair.
Dave Henslee
We chose 4 Rivers panels because they are horse and rider safe, well built, durable and light and the 4 Rivers team both helped in the arena design and assembly.
Dan Steers
I have bought two sets of cattle yards and one set of sheep yards through 4 Rivers so far. I chose them because they have the best quality at affordable prices. Their latching system is second to none and all the yards work really well and help the cattle and sheep flow through easily.
Les Waters
I have a 4 Rivers system and it’s awesome!!
Jim Peterson
We have just had our yards installed by Brett and Daniel from the Shepparton office. This is a quick note of thanks to express our appreciation for the pleasant, competent and obliging way they conducted themselves. The yards look fantastic and they were able to make some changes at the end that were no trouble at all.
Noel & Ruth Kneebone
Over the last couple of years we have developed a great partnership with 4 Rivers. They have helped us supply great quality yards that are very reasonably priced and their customer service is a very high standard. They are a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend 4 Rivers for your new set of Cattle or Sheep yards.
Steve Wright
We absolutely love our 4 Rivers Ranch equipment, we replaced everything with them!
Jasmine Turk-Bly