Our Story

4 Rivers is the leader in low labor required livestock working systems.

From our early days in the Australian Outback, “4 Rivers” is now established in Fallon Nevada and Gilmer Texas, supplying cattle systems to US ranchers big and small.

Innovative design and a long cattle history “4 Rivers” has been able to deliver cattle handling systems that are strong, safe and can be operated by a single person.

“4 Rivers” recognizes that it is not always easy to find workers when you need to work cattle. For this reason “4 Rivers” has a range of standard cattle yard designs that can be operated by a single person. From the large scale producer to the hobby farmer.

“4 Rivers” has evolved through experiences continually drawn from our cattle men and women, creating safe, efficient cattle handling systems for the operator and a low stress and safe environment for you and your cattle.

"When we sell or build a set of cattle yards, it is treated with the respect that I would be building it for my own ranch"